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Dukedom Black Act I - text

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With each following moment
A feeling grows in me
Of forthcoming Dukedom Black
For which I was fighting so...
It devours vast areas of counsciousness dimension
And describes new frontiers for my dreams
Which shape spreads over the Chamber of Mine
And It gives them the Hiding eternal...
In a grotto awaken
From a bodied dream
Thoughts I heard
In blazing circles ensung
Thoughts I saw
And all this
To walk among the stars
Pridefully unseen...
And stalk upon beings immortal
Forgotten truths...
O'hearken to dirge my eternal Spirit Suffering
Thou who enlightens my path with pain of Thine
'erhebe dich auf den Flammen des Begehrens
In das Panteon der vergessenen Wahrheiten
Und brenne mit ihnen in der eisigen Schatzkammer'
Through constellations great
Among the stars glittering
Senescent and supreme
In ecstasy of madness divine
I can see Thy faces darkness...

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