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The Selfless Of The Earth - text


"Do not, for one second,
Think that you will escape the same hell as me."
She never wished that on anyone.
Watching her life unfold in a new one was a dreary thought
That crushed all hope of the future;
A conclusion to escape personal responsibility:
The underlying fear within you and I.
A false sense of hope,
Lingering underneath all transcending doubt, still shines.
The masochist in all of us forces a divide.
The broken home passed on.

Guilt, more or less, is our connection worldwide.
The lesson is knowing that you are always freer than someone else.
To her this is the truest form of empathy,
And something that must never leave us.
This is the key to keeping dignity between "us and "them".
The predetermined alpha and omega path of men,
That serves to conquer and destroy all that is within.
So here's another lesson from a broken home passed on.

In love.
Her love will never slip away.
Everything she has, she gives to me.
We are talking about something that came from nothing;
A squandered breath that gave me a strong ocean breeze.

A life too low to live. A life too high to die.
A broken home passed on.

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