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Setting Fire To The Bridges We Cross - text


The last time she took the last step of the day she couldn't return home.
A thoughtless way to get anywhere but the place you want to be.

"A loveless revelation will soon come to me"

We're barefoot to the world of broken glass,
her arch torn and conveying the past.

"I'm never going back to that life again
because it's the longest one,
the death of me."

Tripping up on every crack in the pavement,
we're humbled by failure and defined by an unknown greatness.
"For every moonlit sky, for the day I disappear into nothing."
Like her, we're so unsure if we can ever return.

Her moonlit sky is our guide.
We search to survive.

We're barefoot to the world of broken glass,
bleeding for a love that lasts.

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