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Phoenix Arise - text


The flame Inside him that where quenched long ago is once
again ignited by the memory of his father’s word.

Out of the darkness forever, the night is finally gone
Ascending to the next level, time to reap what’s been sown

Somewhere lies it all, the key to who I am
Lead me through the trap you´ve set
I´ll fool you in the end
Dead and gone still I will revive

Spread my wings like a phoenix I´ll rise
They spoke of truth just to feed me with lies
My ashes will remain, as a sign for all the pain
Spread my wings like a Phoenix I´ll fly
The wounds will close when I pull out the knife
Nothing is forever, like a phoenix I will rise

Gladiator of Rome on the surface
But with vengeance in my heart
When it’s time your neck meets my sword
Your blood will stain the floor

Deep inside your mind
You know what you will find
I will judge you in the end and as you burn in flames
Dead and cold, I have just revived

Flying away like a phoenix
Dead and gone
Fly away
Phoenix arise

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