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who is responsible for all this mess is it man made or something that our brains cannot digest. Is this the way it's supposed to be or will it make sense on the sad day when we leave? Are we simply lost misguided bastard children? Why have you forsaken me?

Why do we torture innocent animals when there's an overload of murdering convicts? These pieces of shit should be used for out experiments

Why do we spend so much on weight loss programs? Eat what you want just not like a slob. Then send the rest to the commercial for the ones who starve

This is the time. This is the place. I want to meet your god. Face to Face

Why do we support a party keeping us buried at rock bottom? Why the f**k should these corporate assholes get tax breaks while the rest of us can't even afford to drive

Why don't we burn every god damn institution down. We want the truth or we will crush the f**king lies

All this human sin has clouded your vision or is it what you've always seen?

Where the f**k have you disappeared to? where are you hiding or have we just hidden you?
There is no power. There is no glory. This is not Earth. This is purgatory

Why don't you care anymore? Why won't you come and disprove all of these f**king vicious lies

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