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I've lived my life by the rules
Never once broken the law
Always worked as hard as I should
If there's a god out there,
I'm sure he looks upon my life
and sees that it has been good

But if I die tonight,
where would I find myself?
Would I be brought into light?
Or would I be cast down
into the darkest of all pits
for all eternity?

I'm glad I'm not like other men:
Extortioners and adulterers
unjust and like a thief
I always fast twice a week
give tithes of all that I possess
Surely this must be enough

But if I die tonight...

A man once walked the earth
He said: "The way is not through your deeds,
the way is through me"
If you know Christ the Lord
you don't need to feel any fear
He brings us eternal liberty!

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Victory by Surrender

Venia texty

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