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Broken Chains - text


I am free
Free from my fears and free from sin
Not because of me
But because of my Lord, through Him I will win
I am weak
But He is my strength and He gives me meaning
His will I seek
On His promises I will keep leaning

My life was restless,
I needed entertainment all the time
I didn't notice it but my spirit was dry inside
I believed in God but the joy of my life was lost
In vain I tried to keep control and fear was the cost

In His love God crushed me down and broke all my chains
He created new through all my pains

Now I'm free...

His work in me made me see and gave me a new freedom
The only thing I could do was let go of my own control
and leave it to Him

I left all control to Him

I praise Him with joy and sometimes with tears,
but I know He is always trustworthy and it melts my fears
No one takes me from Him because I am His own
If I reject Him He will wait for me to come back home

I don't always see it, but His ways are best for me
If I get lost, He will search and find me

I am free
Free from the fear and free from sin
Not because of me
But because of you Lord, with You I will win
I am weak
But You are my strength and You give me meaning
Your will I seek
On You I will always keep leaning

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