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A Sigh of Redemption - text


I. Prelude

II. From Temptation to Guilt

Strong walk, head up high
Feet on rock, eyes on the cross
Young warrior, full of pride
Ready to serve and heavenbound

But wait, what's this?
A temptation, forbidden fruit
It looks so nice, smells so sweet
Surely a taste can do no harm

A period of sin poisoning us from within
While deliverance lingers just one small sigh away
A sigh faintly echoing in the depths of our hearts
Striving to break the bonds of shame and desire

Then the snake tells his lies:
"You're a failure, a filthy rat
How could you - God's own child
do something as horrible as that?"

Shut your ears - read The Book
"Ask, and it shall be given you"
You are God's precious jewel
Why wouldn't He forgive you?

A period of sin...

III. Inner Conflict

IV. The Key

The next time you fall down,
don't stay crawling in the dirt
But accept the redemption
in grace from our Lord!

V. Redemption

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Victory by Surrender

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