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Behold the Signs - text


Hold on my people, the sign is in the air
It came like a whispering of a coming world
Rise up, my children - your day has come at last
I've seen you suffering
Your tears kept me awake at night for years
This is the quickening, the future is at hand
Your land is open, like a king waiting for his bride
The walls that kept you locked inside
The lands of hate have fallen
This is the prophecy fulfilled
Because I am your master and servant
Search for the flame of my spirit
Long for the sea of salvation
There is a hope healing water
I'll take you home to my halls
See how the nations stand in confusion
At the signs revealed
They search for the answers they can't find
In their minds so computerized
From the dark side of the world
You will come like a strong tide from the sea
You were like a ship lost but my winds have
Taken you home again
I can still hear the echoes
Of a people crying for their lives
You were the victims of words they called:
"Solution: Genocide"
This is the day for me to come
Those bonds of pain are broken
I am the king and you're the bride
My kingdom dwells in the future
Behold the signs

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