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[Verse 1: 93FEETOFSMOKE]
You know the rain and thunder makes it cold out
You know whatever happens, my hand will be out
But I can't keep this fucking blade up off my wrist
And I can't kick these fucking demons from my head
They telling me it's time to go and sin, and I'm listening
Fuck restraint because this world's a bitch, but you're glistening
And you know I love the way you sit, on the side of my bed
And let it bleed out through every fucking slit
I’m known to run away, but this time I’ll run with you
I’m known to never stay, but I’ll fucking stay with you
I’m known for digging graves, but that's all done and through
I just wanna watch the smoke clear away with you
I got all of your songs straight playing in my head
I got a lot of fear for the day that we’ll be dead
But I just suppress that, no need for nonsense
'Cause, for the first time, I know where I can fall back
Something about life makes me feel so unsure
Why am I so scared? I will never fucking know
But I had a choice, and I picked the right door
And that's something I’ve never done before
You were the right door

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