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Hands Around My Neck - text

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[Verse 1]
I’m lookin at you
Opposite sides
Of our bedroom
Is this the gloom
Now I don’t know if anything that you said
Was really true
Now I don’t know if I even know you
Do I know you
Do you know me
Is this what it seemed
Were we meant to be
Was this love for free
Or is there a cost for these fucked feelings
You drowned me in
Waters too deep to swim
And I don’t blow shit out proportion
But I thought this was something damn important
And I don’t wanna be dramatic
But love be like that so I’m tryin not to panic
I could find somebody who could treat me better
So tell me why I stay no matter fucked shit that you say
You got your hands around my neck
I promised last time that next time would be the last
But it all moves too fast
These bruises are tellin me that I’m not shit
Got your hands around my neck...

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