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You Were Meant For Me - text

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Oooh ooh oo ....
I have loved you for so long
Can't imagine myself with another
You're so much a part of me
You're inside me
I wanna be good enough for you
In everything I do
Don't you ever set me free
I'd rather be locked up in your arms can't you see
There's no place I would rather be
I'll go wherever your love takes me
(`Cause) You were meant for me
As I was meant for you
You were meant for me
Together we will always be
(`Cause) You were meant for me
You were meant for me
My love gets stronger day by day
Strong enough to stand the test of time
And even when times are rough
We were tough enough
There's nothing I can do
With you I'll see life through
No one else can make me feel
So good with your love so real
Nothing else can ever replace
Your kisses and your warm embrace
(Repeat Refrain)
I love you so much, baby
You just drive me crazy
I'm hooked on your lovin' touch
With you this life worth living
For you I'll keep on trying
I'll never, ever let you down
I'll keep holding on
(Repeat Refrain, ad lib, fade out)

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