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I've Got The Best In You - text

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sometimes I ask myself if I?ve been so good
to be blessed with you
cause everytime I feel my heart is breaking
'seems you feel it too
and when everything seems so wrong
you would be there to make me see
that life is not that bad, after all
I know, sometimes, that you may have been hurt, too
and I wonder how
you still can give the strength that I?d be needin'
when I?m down and out
*I wish I could be a friend as true
you can depend on me as much as I rely on you.
you are my friend and (you will always be/you will be)
until this world is through
you'll see me standing right there by your side
when times are hard for you
even the darkest clouds can never ever make us fall apart
the rain may keep on fallin'
but the sum will keep on shinnin'
cause I?ve got the best in you.
so now it's time for me to say "thank you"
for the love you give
for all those times I?d lose my faith in myself
and you still believe
repeat *
repeat Chorus
.cause I?ve got the best in you
you're my friend
I know I found the best in you

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