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The Sound Of Your Voice - text


You spoke and light came to be
You spoke and carved out the sea
You stretched out the heavens
Holding the stars in their place
You spoke a marvelous plan
You spoke, breathed life into man
Creation displaying your beauty in wondrous

The sound of your voice echoes forever
The sound of your voice holds us together
There’s nothing more powerful
Nothing more glorious
Than the sound of your voice

You speak calling my name
You speak and I’m never the same
How my heart thrills
As you whisper away all my fear
You speak of a kingdom to come
You speak of an army of love
Who’ll go to the nations inviting the broken to
Come and hear…

And down through the ages
A melody races
It chases the darkness away
For all who will listen
There’s hope and forgiveness
In love that has conquered the grave

Text přidal Moonblade

Videa přidal Moonblade


Jaci Velasquez texty

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