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I'm a hopeless case
Just another girl in line
I'm not worth the chase
Flattered that you'd be so kind
You tell me that you're mine
I don't believe a word you say

It's all a waste of time
When you entice me with these games
You're disturbing me
When I sleep at night
You're possessing me
You consume my mind

This just can't be
Oh, oh, surely
A likely story
My Prince Charming
Will take me
Only in my dreams

Don't tell me
A likely story
Cause no one like you

Could love someone like me
A Cinderella thing
The slipper doesn't fit so right
Why do you persist
That you need me by your side?

Stop pretending
Happy endings
Were never meant to be

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Love Out Loud

Jaci Velasquez texty

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