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Saltbreakers - text


Serpent tails and flying fish sup up all the wishes
That you sent to the stars
Chinese dragons, incandescent mirrors in the waves
I want to put them in jars

With my saltbreakers
(Ringing all the underwater, underwater, underwater bells)
(Look inside a space, look inside a space and you can tell)
(What you need to sow, what you need to know by any means)

You will not burn me up though I've dreamed nightly of your face
And walk the streets of my life with your singing in my silent brain
You cannot burn me up, I'm a falling leaf who keeps her green
And don't forget I've got my trusty bag of oh, oh, oh

(Flashing in the night, flashing all around my arms)
(Throwing me down, turning on the fireflies)
(The ebb and the flood clearing all the channels of your heart)

Bleached by the dark oceans of clouds
Rainstorms of ash, stars on the ground

All around my saltbreakers
(Floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bumblebee)
(Dashing alright, splashing over and slumbering)
(Mirror to the serpentine stars)

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Video přidala Dakira

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