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Vicious Circles - text

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Messenger, when have you seen my face?
I will become - become like the wind
A tyrant in disguise
A muse upon our eyes
A rare extermination, no stop to extinction
When have you seen my face?
I will reform - reform like the storm
No stop to my spreading
Unarmed die around me
Enter vicious circles
Feel it close upon you
You feel it consume us all
Our honor is out the window for tonight
Choke on leverage
When have you seen my face?
I will become, become like the stone
So strong to my standings
My skin cold and lonely
Feelings will mean nothing
I laugh at their coming
I'd taunt what they'd die for
When you find yourself in that room not alone, you are surrounded
You will collide with your thoughts
Brand yourself a natural inside you know it
No one will save you today
This is a fight for your pride

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