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(We gonna do it like this)

The supreme human being
Smoking a shitload of trees
Focused on intervening
Put a little bit of rock on the block
And watch everybody get high from it

There's no contest of the flow
More complex than my ebonics
You can't get wit' it
I'm not sick witted, I'm sick wit' it

It's like a crime they committed,
But just like O.J.,
I'mma get acquitted
Sittin' on a fistful of dope
Hid it all by the city
I'mma star like that thing
That was hanging off of Janet's titty

Brutal as Brutus and Caesar,
Giving speakers seizures
There's no time for shit,
Let alone leisure

Bustin' boat rockin', show stoppin',
Heart droppin', chart toppin', script out

Shows that make paraplegics flip out
Niggas, they be bustin' with their clip out
Sellin Wolf tickets,
But when the shit kicks off
They hoppin' over pickets

Addin' the Veil of Maya to my mind frame
Now I'mma let Getatem get at 'em
And do the damn thing

(This is nothin')

I've got the pesos, the G,
And the francs, and the dinaro

With triple triple zeros in my safe
Hannah Montaro
You think the skills pay the bills, huh?
Only if you say so, fool

Then why you ridin' a [????]
Money stacked like Legos?
'Cause I'm an incredible
Intelligent individual

Rhymin' is my ritual
I'm 100% spiritual
In this spirit

I hear it comin' from your heart
From my dawgs
In the dark
Light it up, it's time to spark

On the dutch master
While we at the superbowl
Entertainment for your mind, body, and soul
It's mind control

You can find me at the gas station
Buyin' hundred gallons of gas
Hundred gallons of gin
To cloud my mind when I sin

Climb the top rope
Three shots to the crown
Now he's dead

I'm still undisputed
'Cause I eluded every shell
Buckshots sailing record time
Makin' yo' head swell
Oh well

Bitches tryin' to fuck with my mail
And now you tossin' salads in the penitentiary cell
You fake MCs see my face
And yo' ass get pale

I wait 'til the last second
And drive a rusty nail
Through your arm (arm), leg (leg), and head
And make you burn in hell

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