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All Things Set Aside - text


When all their backs have turned, the worst is now much worse.
The act of being weeded out, no one to turn to.
You must fight on.
Spill blood.
This is now a fight.
You must fight on.
Spill blood.
This is now a fight to the end.
Leave no one alive.
No excuses.
They gave this a start, and we are giving it an end.
Bring forth your tortured.
Bring forth you and I.
No remorse.
In our hearts and our minds.
These are all things set aside [x2]
In our hearts and our minds, there is a poison that weakens their veins.
No trust.
When all hope is lost, we will stand.
Heads held high.
All things set aside [x2]
They are the poison.

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