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Pio Psila - text

(English Translation from Greek)

I’m looking for your kiss,
I stay awake for your kiss
Don’t ask me to get over
The things we lived until now
Don’t try, I won’t change,
As much as I can I will want you

Every day for the two of us,
a smile, a joke
a love without end
gets the heart warmer in a cold world
wherever i look for i won’t find another one,
with your caress i fly again
come next to me, hug me,
hold me, kiss me

You are everything i was looking for,
every hope i had to fall in love
give me your hand and feel
the beat of it, i want you, i love you
make me fly higher, get close to me, hold me tighter
kiss me to unlock the heart
kiss me, something new starts

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