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Temporal ft Veela - No Story - text


Beg him to tell us a story
He's gonna wake up, nobody worry
Ticking harmless, there in the background
Nothing to fall for
No one to put down
Asking "How am I waiting, why am I waiting for everything to be okay?"
Asking "How am I waiting, procrastinating, Oh everything will be okay? Well nothing's ever okay here."

- You want to
I've got it all collecting
Talking to a pretense, are you really my friend?
Sew it all together, make a voodoo girl.
Are you really my friend, are you real
Enna yuk'yu mai
Enna Yuk'yu made
Create somebody - Enna yuk'yu made
Tear up your body - Tear it all up for somebody
Recycle somebody

- You want to
I've got it all collecting
Talking to a pretense, desperate for the moment when,
- You want to
Live the wrong direction
Which one is right again?
Relax on a pincushion

In the back of a car, kicking out a light
Screaming now it's gone too far
One the sidewalk at an intersection in the dark
A plain van almost hits you as it turns to park
Running after it, you're pissed as hell and torn apart
Living inconvenience, choices - with an open heart
Slow your pace up to the empty window left ajar
Lose your breath as you lock eyes with her restraints and scars

You got us a story, something to make up
Without feeling sorry
And give me a shadow, to put in the background
Forced into watching without making a sound

I don't know how I feel about you.

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Video přidala xXFerriskaXx

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