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Starz ft. Veela - Second Nature - text


Flawless when she was a drone
Had it all and still she felt alone
Clueless 'til she pulled the plug
Shocked her ties and relied on her luck
Mm - Resting her weary mind
Pack up her convictions inside
Darkness is her energy
Easily forgotten and often misconceived

Heart nearly stops when she sees his face
Big brown eyes that that baptize with a gaze
Weaving words like it's second nature
Revolution stories take his paper
Needs her fix or else she can't sleep
Both their friends concerned it's a disease
Shares all the sounds that make up his life
They dance in the dark to secrets in the night

"This feels really right" she said
He nodded back with a stare straight ahead
"I know what we have to do
Etre ensemble, I want you so bad.."
"We can create anything" she said
"I'll be your queen you be my king."
"Show this world what we have to say,
Hold my hand and let's blow them away."

Nobody really gets it cause it's not the same
Talk out the riddles just to stop the rain
Thinking of the beauty they could make together
Dreaming of the reacharound hold on for better weather
Addicted to the lust that consumes her mind
Disregards the thoughts she's forced to put on override
At the same time she really can't say
They've got a job to do with nothing in the way

Here, dance, when you see her there
It's imagination, rotation of what is
Neo romance sparks their intuition
Sprint a little faster and master it down
He made an entrance to her ferris wheel
Boarded with a smile to melt diamonds and have her
At the first glance when he shared his wish
Takes his hand to change the world with him.

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