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I can't exaggerate,
How much these entertain,
A space inside my mind,
That I have tried so very hard to find,
It's hard to comprehend,
Just where this head has been,
A pure form of energy,
That I reached and I grabbed and I pulled and I had,
And I swore, I swore I'd never get this high but look at where I am
I'm feeling more then human,
I feel Unstoppable, I think I just found my cure,
You think it's just illusions,
Anything's possible,
Elysium has a door,
And it's all so unexplainable I know I don't ever want to leave,
You sit behind your desk,
Waiting for Friday's check,
Judging, my every word to see what,
What I'm really worth,
Well analyze numbers,
It is no wonder,
Your industry's slipping away
Cause it's lead by a man who had nothing to say.
It's all your walls they're breaking down,
you can feel it through the ground.

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Childrens of Our Mistakes


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