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Silence - text

Flowing silence is love.
Shared silence is friendship.
Silence seen is infinity.
Vibrating silence is creation.
Expressed silence is beauty.
Maintained silence is strength.
Allowed silence is rest.
Received silence is joy.
Perceived silence is knowledge.
Silence-alone is being.
Silence-alone is being, is being.

Are you drowning in the noises
that surround you everyday
do you struggle to keep things at bay
and at times does it feel like your loosing the way
are you tempted by the voices
trying to lead us all astray?
do not always believe what they say
come along, peace and quiet are not so far away

if your mind is out of tune
feel the silence -
don't know what to do
feel the silence -
it is inside of you
feel the silence -
if you listen you can hear it -
the silence in you creation - love - friendship - infinity - beauty - joy - knowledge - strength

are you looking for a haven
anywhere that you may roam?
there is shelter an oasis of your own
come along, you'll find, you're already home


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