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The World Through Ancient Eyes - text


Under these brooding skies
our shadows are cast
through this deepest winter
we reminisce about our past
as free men we rode
over hills, under the flaming sun
when we had the breeze on our hair
and the courage in our hearts.

Doomed we are -
to walk with our heads low
stripped we've been -
of any sense of honour
damned for aeons - the curse still lives on
through our veins
our ancient blood
shall rise again!!!

I feel it coming, it's coming now
it calls to me, centuries ago
it brings forth a new life.
Yo my numb limbs, a new meaning
to our empty lives
an ancient mystery revives
through my lifeblood it courses
it burns me inside
and breaks all barriers, all frontiers.

A new I am made
and I view the world
through ancient eyes.

Do you feel it coming
can you hear the call
let the ancient voices within flood you
feel the presence of a past long gone
see our future through these eyes of old
rebuild this world now turn
and view the world
through ancient eyes !!!

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