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The Depths of Gnar - text

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Hell – fire – and brimstone the smell of burning flesh
Here tortured souls agonize eternally
In their crimes and sins.
Perched on his throne lord devil surveys his realm
Contented and flanked by two female pit fiends, this hell
For others, is a veritable orgy for him
But horny devils are known
For their excess and this one is no exception!
From across a chasm of lava fate has been kind
She had been hunted and killed by her people
For practicing witchcraft and wanted to get retribution
For this harsh sentence of death and on going torture – in hell!!
That she will be given the amulet of xo to transport
Through the depths of gnar and out of the caves of cadaver.
Her plight will soon fall upon the lands of moribund
Her quest would be to rulethe above world

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