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The Bright Trapezium - text

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Look the bright trapezium
Reveals the window of space-time
Look at it tracking its history
From the time constructed
In the dark Yuggoth
Before the ancient ones bring it on
Preserved by the people
Kept by the reptiles of Valousia
Pharaoh Nefrim-Ka
Built around it, a secret temple
A strange box
With crinoidea of antarctic
An obscure lustful Naos!
Apocryphal treasure
Eternal-infernal cult!
Infernal ancient cult
The bright trapezium
Starts to seize my spirit
Quaint derangement of mind
I see things that never knew
Other worlds, different galaxies
Nightmares before my eyes
Lighting seems gloomy
And darkness seems bright!
Oh! Bright trapezium! Oh! Bright trapezium!
Its strange power
Has captured my spirit
I am that and that is me
Wanderings beyond dimensions
Where the powers of darkness can prevail
Where senses change into emptiness
Oh! Bright trapezium!
Oh! Bright trapezium!
Recreating my thoughts
Feeding my endless wrath
Memories from the abyssic night
Reflections beyond sidereal sights!
The eternal flame of its blaze
Encharm my spirit beyond thoughts
Beyond life it depths of earth
Outlying regions in the sphere of my imagination
Super terrestrial abyssal chasms
Prophetic terror, unholy silence
Everlasting death-like silence!

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