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Saturnian Sect - text

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Unforeseen terror
Beyond the limits of the galaxy
In the dark places there
In the unspeakable dimensions
Of absolute silence
In obscure catacombs
Caves and planets
Everlasting pain
Immemorial war!!!!
Saturnian sect (x2)
The stars erode and freeze
As the suns set and the spaces
Between become tremendous
In the nights without Saturnian moons
Into the ancient cities
Beyond the abyssal horizon
The covert sect is born!
- Is born!!!
Beware, here they come
The angels of darkness
Beware, here they come
The legion of desecrators
We invoke you master
The king of the galaxy
The ruler of the planets
The absolute emperor of all
Brotherhood of shadows
Black unholy rites
Rise on your forgotten throne of Gods
Brotherhood of shadows
Sperm of dominators
The unborn conquerors
The sect of wrath!
Death gives him life
And life feeds him death
Reborn like a phoenix
From his ashes, once more!

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Patriarchs of Evil


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