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Remnants of the Dark Testament - text

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Memories of darkness
That hides everything inside
The mysteries, the fears
The ineffable passions of humanity
Memories of those who unravel
When the sun sets behind the mountains
They bask in their days of old
Antic traditions are worshipped
By pre-human races of creatures
Unnameable heresies
Searching for soul immortality
The odd chaos lurks
Inside the souls of men
Invocations to him, inside
By the arcane book of Tovir
Children of Kain, children of Lucifer
Remember of the dreary scriptures
Children of Samael, children of Lilith
Worship the Dark Lord!
You know the time will come
As it erst has come
Through the vision of holy malady
To reveal what is sleeping eternally
Might not be dead
And as centuries pass
Even death can die
Father, king of the abyssal gorge
Children of Kain
Children of Lucifer
Lead the ancient legion
Children of Samael
Children of Lilith
Honor the Dark Testament
Children of Kain
Children of Lilith
Children of Samael
Children of Lucifer!!!!

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