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Orgasmic Nightmares of the Arch Desecrator - text

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The mystic prophets of the absolute evil
Never save us from the fall
Sorrow and grief an eternity to last
Fallen angel, orgasmic dreams
A lost soul, a demon screams
A sword without mercy
My tears fall darkened at all!
Demons and wrath
Saints and saviours!
Blood and steel
Dreams and wings
The chosen one
The winged fallen one
An evil nature
A blackened heart
A hell-born spirit
The winged fallen one!
Hell's dreams
Across your thoughts
Desires left untold
Haunting eyes
Searching beyond
Desolation and pain!
The arch desecrator!
Memories of times
The feeling of emptiness
Forever eludes you!
Whispering voices call my name
Reveal my wrath
Embrace my soul
Tyrants are powerless
To stop the mighty
And righteous wrath
Bringer of darkness
Legion of abyss!
Hymns of triumph sounds
Hail to those of the black abyss
Forces of the infernal glory
Battles rage on earth!

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Patriarchs of Evil


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