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Deadly pain hovering in the night
Shadows are scared around you
Embossed thought and remorses
To the wall of memories

Like a spirit, like a shine
Beyond the eternal galaxies
(at the unknown dimensions)
Where the silence re-echo (like a scream)
Of ultimate fear which possess you

With awe you looking at yourself
On the waxen mirror that changes endlessly
Losing your faith and you'll be crying
For the ultimate gift they've promised you

Look in the bloodness skies
Look the blasphemous kingdom
Look the shine of victory in their burning eyes
Feel their dark delight

After many - many centuries and aeons
You will be the one who will write
The macabre tales on the book of stone
You will narrate to the next generation
You will speak for their victory
You will scream for the winner
Oh! King of kings, emperor of chaos
Dark lord, master... I worship you!

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