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Luciferian Mystical Awakening - text

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Signs of the times
Tears and suffering
Storms and black clouds
That dominates the astral skies
Darkness in light (x2)
Cries of a great sabbat
Darkness in light (x2)
In thy honor
Of the one who's coming!
Nocturnal thunders revealing
Unholy graves
Abominable souls
The horror in greed
Bursts into wrath
Beyond dreams
Thoughts and desires
The prophecy will be fulfilled
Thy kingdom come!
The moment of time
That the gates among
The dimensions will be open
Our ancestors - in his name
The stygian forces - in his name
The undead - in his name
The mighty legion - in his name
The time of rejuvenation has come
Awakening from the lethargy of deception
I'm the beginning and the end of time
I'm the erotic aura of darkness
Keeper of the gate
In the edge of time
Sparkle of life and pleasure and death
Death is the beginning of life
I'm the one who holds the keys
The path to heaven is through hell!!!!

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Patriarchs of Evil


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