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Hellwitch (Witches Gathering) - text

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The great holy ritual
An ancient ritual of death
A scourge will be launched
Near to the ancient Ebarth
She is the queen of darkness
She will cover Ebarth
And will sanctify the soil
With blood from hell
Hellwitch - hail witch
The gate will open timely
The oldest and largest
Battalion of witches
The war has begun
Hellwitch - hail witch
"Only a broken heart
Can feel real viciousness"
A new world celebrating
Free from hypocrisy and lies
The power of earth
The faith in the senses
And obeying the forbidden
Worship the Dark Lord!
We have all sold our souls
To the Satan! To the Satan!
Hail immortal!
A journey through the path of darkness
Where silence is a hideous cry of souls' salvation
There where the bell will toll
The blood, the flesh, and Satan himself!
There where the bell will toll
There times for his arrival
Every world, old and new
Has been founded on corpses
Hellwitch - hail witch

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Patriarchs of Evil


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