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Beneath the dusky dreams
Profane thoughts
And sinister nightmares
Without sense sounds without echo!
I can see my tribe to collapse!
Searching answers through
The wisdom of the ancient sages
Through the immolations
Unto dismal gods!
Through the astral journeys
Over the unutterable
Principle of creation
Agony and wrath
Delve into the past Delve into the past
My soul travels on memories
And other lives, sudden escape
Looking for answers around
Of our cursed society's demise!
Profound knowledge through
The mystical experiences
Of warlocks in ancient times
Pain from the mournful cries
Suffering from the lament
Of thousand innocents
Through the blood rest battles
So many infernal wars!
Redemption, through the scriptures
Of holy and arcane books
Which have never seen the sunlight
For centuries
Buried within dark catacombs
Where time gets deformed
And converging with
The infinity unknown
Where cries sound
Like an ultimate silence
In everlasting infinite
And boundless space
Through the sacred steel
Lasting out at battlefields
Against the warriors
And rearing the flesh
While giving heads of cadavers
And an overwhelming pleasure to his master!
Darkness is my domain
My wretched abyss!
I live there, I always be there
I shall be searching for answers
My glorious tribe
There I was born
In unspeakable devastation
And absurd thoughts!

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Untrodden Corridors of Hades


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