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I can see peace in your eyes,
I can see will in your eyes,
for a last act of life
I can see sacrifice in your look
(of a soul once I lived pierced times).

Recollections, free, wait,
values, ideals and thoughts
for another life,
a life beyond the grave.
I look at your cold stare
as if you forgot to tell me
as if the sign and the beginning
for the new life will be this.

I perceive light, perhaps voices too,
I perceive bodies, perhaps souls too,
I perceive pain, perhaps pleasure too,
I perceive darkness, perhaps hatred too,
I perceive truth, perhaps an illusion
I want to see, i must see!!!

Like a gallery from which you escape forever
like a tunnel you reach the end
like a journey you don't know what
you will meet in the end
but you'll always wish, hope for peace !!!

Come then in our gathering tonight
oh, you! Hurt soul,
come with us, in the well of souls,
come with us, at the port of our bodies
come with us, at a celebration
a strange celebration of unexpected pain !!!

Come to our recollections
of an everlasting life
of a continuing illusion
by which, we eternally pine and melt
until we find you in a great feast
in the secret enjoyment beyond the grave!!!
Come, then, with us !!!

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The Lament of Gods (EP)

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