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A Vision Of Nameless Soul - text

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Far from the eternal horizons
Far from the gates of sleep
Guarded by unspeakable demons
(Where) I lived endless lives
(Where) I beheld the pale moon of sorrow
(Where) my agony ran away like a howl out of my mouth
(Where) my eyes were petrified by fear!!
I roam for centuries over the vast oceans
Under the fierce black clouds
Torn by lightnings and thunders
I saw the eternal kingdoms rose!!!!
I ran like a wolf
Under enormous trees of primordial forests
Where the leaves rustling
Cause a strange chill
Knowing that sometime? ? it will appear
You feel its shadow and its grotesque sight
You are like a hunted animal
At the mercy of the ruthless predator!!!!
I traveled over snowy mountains
I was hearing screaming of pleasure and terror
When the night covered them and the sky
As a sweet lover, kissed their peaks
I crossed dead rivers
And out of cursed lakes - I saw!!!! - life!!!
I walked into vast deserted palaces
In endless chambers
I scrutinize occult frescoes
My tear was petrified by looking
At strange figures!!!
Everlasting melancholy, everlasting loneliness
Everlasting pain, everlasting blasphemy!
I saw life rose from the water,
I saw the truth I didn't wish to know!!!
I heard hysterical cries
Of invisible demons
Rose out of deep green swamp
In the vertigo of eternity.
How insuperable is my spirit's sin
How huge the size of my condemnation
No salvation I can find
I couldn't even remember
I couldn't even describe
I wish I could die - to forget -!!!
Everlasting melancholy, everlasting loneliness,
Everlasting pain, everlasting blasphemy!!!!

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