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The Few and the Far Between - text

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Well, I kept quiet for far too long.
This is our banner, our flag, our song.
I'm sick and tired of the same old shit.
And the people still stuck in it.
Only for those who don't belong.
The weak, the old, the young, the strong.
And everyone with hands in the air.
Feet on the ground and hearts that care.
Oh can you feel it now?
You take it back and I'll tell you how.
Step out, step up, and start to run
And scream till your lungs are gone.
Cause you are runaways.
Flooding your cities streets.
Take in your tired, your bored.
Take in your incomplete.
They can't shut us down.
They can't stop us all.
Stand up stand proud stand tall.
Cause I believe in you, if you believe in me.

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The Few And The Far Between


Vanna texty

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