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But it's okay.
I've learned to love another day.
This has all been said before.
I don't need closure anymore.
I pity the words you speak.
I hope you find the hell you seek.
All my friends, and all my enemies,
couldn't hold back hurt, or damage done to me.
Are you okay? Do you feel alright?
About laying your head in a strangers beds tonight.
Will I ever love again? Can I ever right this wrong?
I need this for myself. It's time for me to move along.
I hope you get better. I hope you learn.
You need to find a love. A love that you have earned.
Don't have time for this. Game of hearts. Game of minds.
Which game are we playing tonight?
I'm over it, I'm done. But you need to see my love.
You can't stay this way with me.
You need go, please leave.
Move on. I'm sick of feeling low.
It's that familiar face, turn around, walk away.
How many times have I waited alone
at your doorstep or the telephone?
If there's more to love, I need to know.
But no with you. Cause you refuse to grow.
But it's okay. I've learned to love another day,
I've learned to love another..

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