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How about a magic trick?
La la la, la la la
I’ll make you disappear
I’ll show you something sick
La la la, la la la
I’ll create your fear
What is dead can’t die…
Immortalised, I'm back to life
I'm cutting edge, you can’t deny
I'm not the one, don't fucking try
Try to kick me off and I’ll knock out of sight
Through the pain I've become so wise
My scars and fears, there’s no disguise
Weapon raised, it’s time to fight
Need you all to die and I’ll end your fucking life
This force is strong; no hit or miss
Take you down, I'm limitless
Naturally mischief
Skull Kid ain't nothing to fuck with
Confident, I know my shit
Invincible, I'm opulent
I'm not the one you mistake me with
Married to the game but you can’t commit
Cured the curse that lies on me
A constant war, it’s shattering
I’ll triumph
The suffering
I will rise, prevail again
Frozen in time like true legends
Ride or die, that is the round?
Try to shut me off, I'm ain't never shutting down
I run this shit and you can’t be me
Been running this game, I’ll [?]
Dangerous, a killer [?]
Send me back, a lion on the street
I'm the one you heard about
Haunting all your nightmares now
You can hide but, you'll be found
It’s time to play, don’t make a sound
I'm the boogie man and I'm coming for you
Murdering everything and killing your crew
Never never fall from grace
Take me to a higher place
How about a magic trick?
La la la, la la la
I’ll make you disappear
I’ll show you something sick
La la la, la la la
I’ll create your fear
Prepare for madness
La la la, la la la
This is your game over
Sorrow and sadness
La la la, la la la
Welcome to Ultima…
What is dead can’t die…
Ultima; the final fight
The journey’s over; say goodnight
No doubt I'll feast; the butchering beast
I'm the ultimate fear that’ll never leave your side
Through it all I've become so strange
Overdosed and become deranged
Judge me not; I will deceive
Epitomised you with no reprieve
Slay the dragon
Storm the castle
I'll swim across the moat
I’ll fuck your wife
And end your life
I’ll slit your fucking throat
On your knees I’ll make you beg
I'm the voice inside your head
Immovable like a deadly force
Obliterate you with no remorse
Rest in peace but die in fear
If you scream no one will hear
No one can save you now...
Without fail I’ll wage a war
Destiny will run its course
I know you think that I'm depraved
A purer evil that can’t be saved
Tainted red, I’ll leave you bare
Leave you drowning in despair
I'm the devil, heartless and sick
I'm not on your side so just take your pick
I'm the one that you fear at night
Walking towards the [?] light
Ultimate monster; ultimate fright
Say your prayers, sweet dreams, sleep tight
Evil has a dominance
Skull Kid in the apocalypse
It’s too late, nowhere to run
Ultima has finally won

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