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The Suffering (feat. Kerry Louise) - text


If you don't face the struggle
Then you cannot gain your strength
If you don't face the struggle
Then you cannot make progress

Sometimes you give your all
And then you are still faced with pain
Sometimes you try and fall
But we fall to get up again

When you're down
It's hard to get back up
More than it sounds
You just can't give a fuck
Nothing's right
It's harder than it seems
No guiding light
You're in the suffering

The suffering!


The suffering!


Stole what I love
Broke it in front of me
You took what I was
Robbed me of everything
Barred me from trust
Now I'm just suffering
Driven by bloodlust
I will find reasoning

I will find reasoning
I will find reasoning

Into this suffering
I will not succumb
To the chaos in my mind
And let myself be overrun
By the shadows lost in time
I won't give a flying fuck
I must rise above the pain
And try my fucking luck
Don't cry about it, fight about it
Settle all the fucking odds
We must fight back
No matter any fucking cost thrown
Into the darkness
I've became the heartless
Feeding on your carcass
Inhumane with my carnage

Triumphant devious and relentless
Be cautious I will have my vengeance
Irrational hateful relentless
My intent is grant your death wish

The final frame
Time for me to claim this
I'll win this game
Not a victim to the anguish
The great ordeal
The reason that we sought
The struggle's real
Is the lesson that we're taught

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