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Strength of day
Strength of night
Give me strength
Beyond my sight

Let the power burn in me
Dark magic and blasphemy
Intoxicate with alchemy
Obliviating all I see

Night will fall
The spirits rise
Let the dead
Come back to life

Voices calling in every direction
Demons crawling from other dimensions
Hexes haunting sweet intoxication
Terror taunting sick as suffocation

There's boiling in my blood
Turn it up, can't get enough
Seance where the undead lie
Breathe it in, we come alive

Strength of a thousand men
Speed of a falling star

Deep inside my bones
Darkness starts to roam

Necromance speaks to me
Forgotten graves are beckoning
Light the candle, feed the flame
Spill the blood, repeat the name

Skullkid gonna slice your tendons
Skullkid beggin for repentance
Throat slit ready for inception
Sick with the worst intentions

Hidden in the dark
We are the devils of the night
Push you to your limits
To the very edge of fright

Chanting wicked words
We are the voices in your mind
Searching for salvation
That you're never gonna find

Gonna fuck your life
Destroy everything you know
Living with no future
Is the only way to go

Life in the occult
Is a fate you can't undo
There's a light inside the tunnel
But you'll never make it through

Stand for something
Fall for nothing
Death is cunning
Time is running

Prey, I'm hunting
All or nothing
Time is running
Death is coming

Witch doctors and exorcists
Dripping blood and bitterness
Paranormal physicists
Rational mad scientists

Once you go
No turning back
Say goodbye
And fade to black

Take the oath
And kiss the knife
Once you're here
You're in for life

Dark does not destroy the light
Darkness defines what is right
A chosen fate you can't undo
Darkness finds the light in you

Strength of a thousand men
Speed of a falling star

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