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If you could read my mind
You’d be pretty traumatized
Today’s forecast is
Sunny with some homocide
A creepy ass killer
A sick motherfucker
Better grab your crucifix
I’m a fun filled little lollipop
Triple dipped in psycho
Spinning like a cyclone
Like Dahmer & Bundy
Gacy or Ed
If you come across me
You’ll end up dead

Raise your fist!

Fuck This Shit!

Raise Your Fist!

Fuck This Shit!

Don’t LOOK for monsters under your bed
LET’S START anarchy
LET’S FUCK the system
Believe in yourself
Don’t be another victim
I'm a psycho!
I'm a psycho!

I’m a god damn sinner
Scoring like a winner
Pull the motherfucking triggaaaa
Straight outta hell
Got more issues than vogue
I want to stab you to death
Then play around in your blood

Something that was once so pure
Unknown how it’s conjured
Creeping into my soul
Holding on and letting go
Don’t know if I’ve been crossed
Or if my heart’s been lost
Something coming to an end
Either your life
Or hope I was lent
I was never built for this
Getting by and normal shit HA! HA!
I’m losing my fucking mind HA! HA! HA!
Holding back was always the lie
Do you feel it coming in
My life is consumed by this HA! HA! HA! HA!
I’m losing all my control
I need some kind of support
Blood, fear, sweat, tears HA! HA!
Now it's all finally clear

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