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I am beautifully broken
I am perfectly imperfect
Beautiful in my flaws
all together I am a beautiful disaster

As I look down the barrel of a gun
I realize all the wrong and the hurt
That I’ve done
Cause I will never be your idea of picture perfect
yeah I have my flaws
But I’m fucking worth it
I will be all that you love
I will be all that you hate
I’ll never be what you want
The image that you create
All of the tables could turn
All of our bridges will burn
Maybe we’re just so fucked
Maybe we’re perfectly Flawed
Take a dive
into the depths of my soul
See my darkness
let it swallow you whole
Nothing in this world
is ever what it seems
feels like I am living
inside of a dream
Life is ending
one moment at a time
when it expires
Was I always confined

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Perfectly Flawed (Single)


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