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Silence I reject you for everything you held from me.
Twisted, entangled I longed for your embrace.
Hope I received you,
you gave me light and truth to me.
Awakened I breathe again, I breathe again.
Now this is who I am.
Trust I inside you, in every way you sheltered me.
I'm searching, fate will you leave me dying?
Faith, open my eyes,
bring life into this heart of change.
Escaping my shadows of fear I have in me.
Surround me, become me,
descending I reach for your hand.
But you could not believe.
So you see, you found me,
now believe the truth to understand.
That this is who I am, that this is who I.
Why do we exist through changes,
when we just die in stages, in search for the truth.
Why do we continue grieving, for years we have been
bleeding, abandoned alone.
That this is who I am,
that this is who I,
That this is who I am.

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