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Satisfaction - text


Let it roll!
Aww yeah, remember this one?

Do it, Do it, do do do it.
Saturday night the club was packed but I can't get no action
The girl I want is frontin' hard, can't get no satisfaction
Thousand people in the club and the music's thumpin' hard
I must admit that I was slightly anxious to have my chord
Pulled by a girl in a nice tight dress
The kind that makes your body wet, hmm, I must confess
I tried but she said 'No' but fellas yo, I can't get no...

I can't get no
I can't get no
I can't get no
A-Hey Hey Hey
That's what I say

Girlie at the ball, lookin' mighty fly
She looked so fly, at the time, had to make up, you know, my mind
So I walked up to her gently, just so I could speak
Man she turned around and scoped me down, started doin' The Freak
I tried all I could, I even said please
She moved my hands off her bootie, 'cause she was a skeeze
Man I had to escape, so I could get away
She asked me what was up, I said 'Come back another day'


The party's almost over, the club's about to close
I saw this girl that rocked my world, so I suppose
I'll take another chance, a try at romance
I couldn't take my eyes off the back of her pants
I moved very smoothly, a nice conversation
The perfume she was wearing, oh, sensation
She seemed kinda worried, like somethin' was wrong
Tyson at my back, I had to move along


Do it, do it, do do do it
Yo man, what's up with this, I got a #1 record!
-Yeah, that's right you do got the #1 record
And I got ????? freak with no ????
-You mean she has no onion?
She gots no onion, Money
Nope. She still makes me want to scratch it and grab it like I wanted it, though! HAHAHAHA!!


Do it, do it, do do do it...

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