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Iceman Party - text


Get on down to the sound and a good rhyme
With a song that should climb
Yo straight to the top with a bullet on the charts again
Another #1 hit to deal with
I gotta fist full of junkies of hip hop sucka's
That get in the way have to get dropped
Forget pop goes the weasel cuz I ran over them punks
Like a mac truck diesel
An' I'm playin' all the ladies
And I know not a sucker can fade me
So watch me get buck wild
Yo and just pump the crowd and everybody say

Ain't no party like an Ice Man party

Now gettin' back to the track with the bass - uh!
Watch it unfold in your face
I waste no time makin your body move
Makin' this party groove, Yo
This is somethin' real funky to dance to
Bringin' ya more raps to keep the dance floor packed
So get off the bozak
An' like Cool J said don't call it a come back
One track made a killin'
An' my first LP went way over 11 million
So don't front cuz I know you were an Ice Fan
So get down with the Ice Man

Everybody thought that the Ice was gonna fade out
But you was wrong cuz I never get played out
An' that's straight up reality
I wanna say what's up to my homies in Miami
An' to Dallas all across the United States
An' everybody who bought Vanilla Ice tapes
An' everybody overseas, my man -
All of Europe, Australia, and Japan
No matter where you reside
I'm in every record store
Cuz The Ice is like world wide
Come on and catch the vibe
Cuz the sky's the limit
An' I'll never quit makin' hits
So get on down with the program
Folks it's 92 an' I'm back and it's no joke -
So you know the Ice won't steer you wrong
Now everybody just sing along

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