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I remember way back when
Lookin' for the right girl to be my friend
I searched and searched but still never came up
On the right one who would be mine and the only one
Luck never came my way
And all I ever came up with is a broken heart ya see
I couldn't stand to be alone why my boys
Straight kick it with the betties while I sat by the telephone
Everytime I hear it rang it wasn't who I want it to be
It was just the same ol' thing, another day another
No pain, no gain, just lookin' for a good thing
Momma used to say don't look for love
Just let it come around and surely one day it'll be found
Ya see I'm kinda like 2 Pac, when I get around
But the ICE goes down

I go down, I go down, I go down baby, I go down
I go down, I go down baby doll, I go down

Step up if ya think ya out there
I know it's gotta be a tender
Who'll remember Ice somewhere
That's only if you're ready for a REAL ONE
I need a tender and yeah I gotta FEEL ONE
I wanna tease and please and do it all with ease
But ya gotta be right and all that
There when I need ya perfect like Kodak
Picture perfect body like an hour glass figure
Cool in tha head and I gotta dig her
The type that never says no
Cuz she's down to the fullest
Cool like the wind blows
And I ain't trying to search and find
I guess it's true when they say
That love is blind
You see I'm kinda like 2 Pac, when I get around
But the ICE goes down

Now I'm on tour and got the past behind me
But I need something to remind me
Of the days when I played the kissing game
But now things changed and no I ain't the same
I made a come up, and now they run up
They all scream I'm the one, that wants to give the luv up
But ICE ain't got no time for games
I need a real love, like Mary J. Blige know what I sayin
But the odds are still against me, I'm making paper
And still need that one, that wants to be with me
And not for the money, nor the fame, but for me
One who can give me that security
So if you're out there this one's for you
You'll be down with me, then maybe I'll be true
You see I'm kinda like 2 Pac, when I get around
But the ICE goes down

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