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Dirty South - text


Here come the south shit dirty south shit...whud
Here come the south shit dirty south shit...whud
Here come the south shit dirty south shit...Uh
Here come the south shit dirty dirty fly shit

This is for them rednecks and brothers with gold teeth
And them south boys on the streets with much heat
Put it up now for the dirty south
Southern fried now all up in your mouth
It's that hip hop shit with the southern twist
And you pick em up truck you be bumpin' this
With that piece and chain and the diamond ring
And them outta town broads they be lovin' the slang
713, I-45 big crawler
And the 214 big town B-Baller


I got the south shit bumpin in my G-ride
Eyes closed puffin' green when I drive by
Here is something you can't I can burn Killa Man
Step up if you wanna get some of this here
I got the blunt got a cooler full of cold beer
Roll the Escalade down to the river
Pull the fishin' poles out sippin' on Sizzers
Just bullshittin' highsidin' eyes on tight
Get it crunk get it crunk we gonna ball tonite
Now whatcha got for me is it Hennessey or maybe Xtasy fill my fantasies
I can't believe I got your mind wide open
Trippin' on the south shit now what is you smokin'


Puff puff give I got that dirty dirty fly shit
When I wake up in the morning yo I got to get my fix quick
Rollin' thru the hood gotta get my buzz on
Hittin' them switches on that 20 inch chrome
Through the south side where they got them fat sacks
Where they at where they at got my seat laid back
I'm a south side rider
Burn E-Z widers
Shakin' off them haters cause them fools can't try us
You ballers and hustlers smokin' southside skunk
Pushin them blades when you ride through the swamp
If you're feelin this with me let me see you put em up
We never get enough of that south side whud


Dirty south shit will have your ass hella a dazed
Everybody in this bitch bout gettin' paid
Riding on dubs swervin' in the Escalade
And these south side niggas, I don't think you could fade
Who wanna be the next punk riding in the trunk
Ridin' with my nigga Ice blowin' on the skunk
It's hard to hold this cause we hot like fire
Boy I thought you knew it's south side till I expire
Comin' with hollow tips up in the clip will make you flip
It's south side when I ride south side when I dip


What y'all know about the dirty south
Put em up put em up
It's that southern fried shit all in your mouth

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