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Monogamy - text


Behind the wall of emptiness
Your private cinema projects your animated life
Let's accelerate our self-destruction
Who'll be admitted to the failed paradise
Paralysed dreams falling down
Crippled ones crawling into dust
Disabled to move
Disable to be realised/
It's not love just a mark of slavery
It's so close to me (That's) the edge of a guillotine
Behind the wall of an existence
Your private hell is just in the beginning
We're dead lovers on the battlefield
Killed by an unbearable feeling of disharmony
We're stupid unjust we're mentally sick
There's an abysmal difference
In the deepest pleasure of our agony
God bless monogamy
God bless monogamy

Text přidal Overtonal

Video přidala andrea10


Vanessa texty

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