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Because It's Really Love - text

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I used to be afraid
That you were never gonna love me this way
But I feel better now
No one could ever say
To me, It's such a shame you're a lonely guy
Because you love is mine
And now we know our love is ever so true
I think we know it 'cause you feel the way I do
I can't imagine me without you, my dear
And I'm so glad about the reaon that you came here
Because it's love
Because it's love
Because it's really love
Because it's love
Because it's all the way love
Because it's really love
Ooo, girl you gotta stay
'Cause I wanna fill you day with happiness
'Cause I'm in love you see
There's so much I wanna say
And you'll hear the words to make you fall in love
Deep in love with me
I used to say I love you every day
To make you really know
To trust in the things I say
But look at me now and you can clearly see
The love I feel for you
You don't need words from me
When you walked into the crowded room
You sent my rocket to the moon
But little did I know that you would change my life
But you kept saying take it slow
I love you for the things you know
'Cause now I'll never spend another lonely night... at night
I wanna be your friend
After the lovin' ends
It's not over then
You see it just begins
And all anyone can say
Is, Ooo wee you've got it made
And may the best of love
Always come your way
And I don't worry how much I fall
When the feelin' starts to call
Because it's really love
And all my worries fall into place
When I think about your face
Because it's really love

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